Joeri Chipsvingers

Joeri Chipsvingers is the devil in disguise of Michiel De Naegel, known from 30,000 Monkies and Youff. With an orchestra of eleven (!) he floats his ship somewhere between intense and playful, and art and kitsch. 

The whole project is one big adventure: from the 'Paprika Pact' to the 'Lays Lamet'. We advise you to not just listen, but to savor his crazy videoclips. And that's exactly what they did at the Berlin Music Video Awards, where Joeri Chipsvingers went home with an award for the video of his debut single 'Joeri Chipsvingers Superrrthema'.

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“I make cartoonish music wherein a lot happens. What exactly happens, is for you to figure out. Joeri  isn't that proficient." - Michiel De Naegel


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