How can I support this project?

Thank you for being interested in supporting this project! You can either donate €5 (or more) or order a We Are Open Film Package to watch all films at home in preview.

What items are in the 'We Are Open Film Package'?

A film package costs €25 and includes the three official movie posters, a €5 discount off and an exclusive presale on the next We Are Open festival, two drinks (Maes Pils or alcohol free beverages), snacks (popcorn) and a unique link to watch all three movies in avant premiere at home one week prior to the release. Perhaps you are also one of the lucky few to find a Golden Ticket in your package which gives you and four friends free tickets to and free drinks at the next We Are Open festival.

Where can I get a 'We Are Open Film Package'?

You can order your package online and choose between pick up or delivery.
Pick up: come and get your Film Package at Trix every working day as of Tuesday 30 March. You will get an exclusive We Are Open movie totebag! 
Delivery:  We send the packages by Bpost within 24 hours on working days to your address. Delivery costs you €5,70. 

When will I be able to see the movies? 

Lost in Terror
Avant Premiere: as of March 31
Online on weareopen.be: April 7
On Podium19: April 8

An Uncut Nightmare By The Sea
Avant Premiere: as of April 7
Online on weareopen.be: April 14

Translation Park
Avant Premiere: as op April 14
Online on weareopen.be: April 21

Where can I see the movies?

All movies will be aired online on weareopen.be. Order a film package and watch the film in avant premiere at home.

When will there be a real 'We Are Open' festival? 

Hopefully, a 2022 edition will be able to take place in a normal setting, with all of our loved ones! 

Who is behind this project?

This is a project of Trix, made possible thanks to Sabam For Culture, de Vlaamse Gemeenschap and the city of Antwerp. 

Other questions?

Send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram, or message us on Whatsapp.

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